John Ballard is president of MagicSpace Entertainment. MagicSpace presents shows in more than 80 cities throughout the US and Canada.060708id012-31-150


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15 04 2009
Melinda Cavallaro

Hi John,

Great Blog….I enjoyed reading the comments.



11 09 2009
Jay Christianson

The creation of a Cultural/Theater District in Downtown is an exciting prospect! Those who know a little bit about Salt Lake City’s History also know that Downtown was once home to a dozen or so theater venues. It makes perfect sense, in this second heyday of our Downtown, to recreate this City’s once strong cultural-arts base by both restoring older venues and building a new larger venue to accommodate first run Broadway productions.

12 09 2009

Thanks for the positive comment. I agree that it would be very exciting to have the Capitol Theatre, the Utah Film Center in the Utah Theater and the new Utah Performance Center located all within less than a block’s distance. It will be great to see the streets filled with audiences going to performances in all three buildings on a Friday or Saturday night. And then going out for a drink or dessert afterwards.

28 11 2011

Love hearing about the shows. Keep ’em coming!

28 11 2011

Thanks for reading my blog. You remind me that I am way overdue with a new entry.

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